Minister of National Defence, the Hon James Richardson, 29 February 1976 

RRMC Honour Guards MND 1.JPG

Chief of Defence Staff - General Jacques Dextraze

RRMC Honour Guard CDS JDex.JPG

Chairman of NATO Military Committee - Admiral of the Fleet Sir Pete Hill-Norton

RRMC Honour Guard Admiral.JPG

Editor’s Note:

While several of the guys remembered being on this Honour Guard, no one could seem to remember the name of the reviewing officer, but after some “research” later, it was confirmed he was a British Admiral of the Fleet, equivalent to a five-star general. Furthermore, it was determined that there were two serving at the time, likely in the fall of 1976 - one was the Chief of Defence Staff, Sir Edward Ashmore, and one was the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Sir Peter Hill-Norton. From subsequent discussions, it appears more likely this was Sir, later Lord, Peter Hill-Norton. This is partly because of the resemblance from pictures online, including the one to the right which is from the Imperial War Museum (IWM) website and partly because the accompanying US Air Force aircraft and the largely civilian delegation seem more likely to have been associated with NATO rather than the British Armed Forces.

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Other Honour Guards

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