Since we all wore the same college uniforms, many of us had no idea about our classmates’ environmental affiliation, never mind their MOC/occupation. While some of us were lucky enough to run in to one another during the course of our careers, others we have not seen since leaving the colleges. Partly inspired by John Carr’s 10th Anniversary yearbook, in which he included biographies for many of the guys, and partly by some of the very interesting and often pretty impressive things we learned about the guys while doing the website, the purpose of this site is to allow each classmate the opportunity to share stories about their life and careers.

NB The banner photo, while obviously of a dictionary page, actually has a Class of 79 link! The dictionary is the Gage Canadian Dictionary (1983) which was originally edited in part by Dr Walter S Avis, not only the Dean of Arts at RMC and Pete’s Dad but also an honourary graduate of our Class. In fact, the inscription on the inside reads “To the memory of Dr Walter S. Avis 1919-1979 scholar and teacher of Canadian English”.

12149 Avis Peter

12151 Banks Gary

12259 Biggar Kevin

12173 Gimblett Richard

12289 Groves Richard

12192 Lawson Tom

12193 Leversedge Terry

12203 Mackley Raymond

12207 McCarthy Kevin

12215 Mowat Dave

12320 Natynczyk Walter

11947 Poucher Doug

12342 Stewart Allen