Civilian Careers

12320 General (Retd) Walter Natynczyk – Deputy Minister Veterans Affairs – 2014 –

12341 Al Stewart - Dean of Engineering - RMC - 2002 - 2010; and Vice Principal Academic from 2008-2012

Military Careers

Chiefs of Defence Staff (CDS)

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12320 General Walter Natynczyk – Chief of the Defence Staff
– 2008 to 2012

Academic Achievements

12027 Alain Brizard, PhD, Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University, 1990

12157 Wayne Boone, PhD, Information Systems Assurance, University of Fairfax, Va 2009

12173 Richard Gimblett, PhD, Canadian Naval History, University of Laval 2000

12259 Kevin Biggar, PhD, Geotechnical Engineering, University of Alberta, 1991

12341 Allan Stephenson, PhD, Political Science, Carleton University 2006

12342 Allen Stewart, PhD, Traffic Engineering, Queens University 1992


12342 Allen Stewart, PhD, Engineering, RMC 2018


12051 David Fermor, Medical

12218 Guy Killaby, Legal, Georgetown University, Washington DC 2005

12265 Mike Campbell, Medical

12289 Richard Groves, Doctor of Dental Medicine, University of Sask 1990

Professional Honours and Distinctions

12027 Alain Brizard – Fellow of the American Physical Society

12259 Kevin Biggar – Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada

12192 General Tom Lawson – Chief of the Defence Staff
– 2012 to 2015

Of note, the Class of 79 is the only Class to have produced two different Chiefs of Defence Staff.  The Cmdt at RMC in our last two years, BGen John de Chastelain, later challenged the “only Class to have two Chiefs” claim, observing to Rich Gimblett, “with a twinkle in his eye”, that his Class had two, because he himself had served as the CDS – on two different occasions!

Senior Rank

12192 General Tom Lawson

12320 General Walter Natynczyk

12141 Rear-Admiral Bryn Weadon

12286 Rear-Admiral Nigel Greenwood

12287 Rear-Admiral Richard Greenwood

12324 Rear-Admiral Tyrone Pile

12162 Brigadier-General Dwight Davies

12193 Brigadier-General Terry Leversedge

12345 Brigadier-General John Turnbull

12016 Captain (Navy) Richard Bergeron

12041 Colonel Yvon Desjardins

12061 Colonel Steve Gagnon

12148 Colonel Chuck Attwood

12149 Captain (Navy) Peter Avis

12231 Colonel John Roeterink

12280 Colonel Craig Fletcher

12335 Colonel Guy Simard

12341 Colonel Al Stephenson

M0135 Colonel Donald McLeod