Craig Wood says he went out to visit Richard and Liz Summers in Victoria the first weekend of February, 2019, after learning that Richard was seriously ill. While there, he “noticed a picture of them as toddlers [later sent to him by their oldest son Simon who is married with a family of his own and not surprisingly is a Naval Officer with the Fleet in Victoria].  They were about 2 years old in the photo.  Richard was born in England and the family moved over to Canada a few years after the photo was taken.  You will note that they were “smoking” the British version of what I remember as a child being Popeye Cigarettes here in Canada [now called “candy sticks” for obvious reasons].  The second photo is from their wedding.   It is a unique story for our Class of two people knowing each other as infants, staying in touch over the “pond” and then getting married.

RMC Sweethearts Richard and Liz- Wedding (003).jpg
RMC Sweethearts Richard and Liz as Toddlers.jpg