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As many may be aware, RMC recently established the Athletics Wall of Distinction (AWOD) which is starting to include great RMC athletes like Olympic triathlete 17234 Sharon Donnelly. Most recently, in March 2019, Capt Smith was inducted as both a football player and later a coach of the 1975/76 and 1976/77 RMC football teams. Two of the Class of 1979 players from those years were able to attend the ceremony, Craig Wood and Scott Allward.

Craig notes:

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It was a great evening … One of the highlights for me was that Paul Amyotte, the DCWC during our first year showed up.  He lives in Nova Scotia and was attending a conference in Kingston when he heard about the event from Ed Loziuk (Class of 76) that day.  You will also note that Dave Hall was there as well. 

The picture [to the right] is of Scott and myself, we have not talked since the Grad parade … Scott Allward and I shared a room during BOTC and we both took Mech Eng.   

The picture [on the banner], left to right, Scott Allward, Paul Amyotte, Class of 76, Ed Loziuk Class of 76, yours truly, Herm Harrison Class of 77 and of course Dave Hall the interloping hockey player in a football picture Class of 77.  Dave is on the selection committee for the AWOD and was having shoulder surgery the next day I believe but still drove down for the evening.  The picture [to the left] is of Captain Smith, the football coach … He was Squadron boss for 3 Squadron in our first year then of 8 Squadron for our second year.