Retirement - Dr Dacey, RMC Principal

Dr. J.R. Dacey was our RMC Principal for the early years of the Class of 79.  In total, he served as the Principal and Director of Studies of RMC from 1967 to 1978.  He was a strong proponent of a well-structured approach to cadet development – a proper balance between academic study and military leadership learning.  In these photos, we can see Jack and his wife Jane being escorted from their home, the Hewett House, by OCdt Pete Avis for his  retirement function at the Cadet Mess in Yeo Hall where military and academic staff gathered to celebrate his achievements.  The Cmdt, BGen John de Chastelain, had assigned Pete the task of organizing a gala event in order to ensure Dr Dacey’s significant contributions to the College and especially the cadets were appropriately recognized.  However, Pete was inspired to do something extra special, so he dreamed up a grand military-style homage, and then in collaboration with the College RSM, CWO Slaney, arranged to line both sides of the streets from Hewett House to the Mess with cadets dressed in their ceremonial red scarlets.  The stirring tribute culminated with each pair of cadets firing blank rounds in unison as the Dacey car drove past.  Upon reaching Yeo Hall, they were warmly greeted and feted by their hosts, the Cmdt and the CWC Tom Lawson as well as myriad other guests. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 6.30.02 PM.png

Paul Madore saluting the arrival of Dr Dacey

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Pete Avis with Dr Dacey and his wife Jane