CCT – Phase II – Summer 1976

Combat Arms.jpg

Back Row - Rick Phillips; Rick Ferster; Craig Fletcher; Andy Tomaszewski; Don Leslie; Scotty Mills; Pierre Ducharme; Steve Zuber; Ed Vos; Dave Fermor; Walt Natynczyk; and Al Barnes

CTC Phase III – Summer 1978

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Back Row; Al Barnes; Pierre Ducharme; Walt Natynczyk; Steve Zuber; Ed Vos; Scotty Mills; Rick Ferster; Don Leslie; Rick Phillips; Dave Femor, Andrew Tomaszewski; Craig Fletcher.


This is a picture of Walt Natynczyk, rugby player, taking a break outside his “beloved” yellow VW Beetle while overlooking the red cliffs of the north shore of PEI. Jeff Switzer, stalwart defenceman for the RMC hockey team, tries to ingratiate himself with the future CDS by “pretending” to respond to the call of nature on self-same “beloved” VW Beetle.

Rick Phillips (Roads/CMR) meanwhile is in the backseat completely oblivious to all the subterfuge going on outside.  Ed Vos explains that they were on a weekend outing to P.E.I. from CFB Gagetown so that Walt could have one of the famous lobster dinners at a nearby church and also so they could pay to go out Halibut fishing with a local fisherman - did that but only got to keep one of the fish that they caught!