In 2008, as part of Operation Altair, the Canadian Forces maritime contributions in the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf, HMCS Iroquois was deployed from Halifax to the Arabian Sea off the Horn of Africa, in support of counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan. Since Cmdre Bob Davidson had been given command of the multi-national naval force, HMCS Iroquois served as the flagship, and was joined by two other Canadian ships, HMCS Calgary and HMCS Protecteur from Esquimalt. The ships left mid-April and served in theatre from June until mid September. On board, then LCdr Killaby served as the legal officer and in the photos below, Naval Historian Rich Gimblett is shown arriving on the ship’s RHIB (Rigid-Hull Inflatable Boat) for a familiarization visit. This was the fourth time Rich had served or been in that theater, starting with the first Gulf War.

The photo immediately below is of the HMCS Iroquois passing the Rock Gibraltar on 31 October 2001 enroute to the Arabian Sea, the first of three times the ship has been deployed in support of counter-terrorism operations in that region (Photo by MCpl Brian Walsh, J5PA/DGPA. Banner photo from Wikipedia page on CTF 150 by US Navy’s Mate 1st Class Bart Bauer).


CTF 150 HMCS Iroquois.JPG
HMCS Iroquois Killer Gimblett.JPG
HMC Iroqouis Killaby and Gimblett.JPG
HMCS Iroquois Gimblett Zodaic 2.JPG