The TDV79ers is a restricted Group that was created in the early 2000s to allow Class of 79 members and others to stay in touch.  The contact list that was subsequently created now represents a large portion of the members of the Class and provides for the quickest and most secure way to reach as many Classmates as possible with one e-mail.  The eGroup has been used to make announcements about Class Reunions and Class Luncheons; to share information about the loss of Colleagues or family members; to share noteworthy stories of interest to the Class and to make other general announcements.

The easiest way for you to join TDV79ers is to complete the form on the Contact Us page on this website, making sure to enter the e-mail address that you would like us to use to allow you to join or rejoin the TDV79ers.  Once we receive your communication, we will send you an Invite from the TDV79ers eGroup along with instructions on how to join the eGroup.